February 29, 2024

A new company, Asset ONE, has seen the light of day, and its goal is to support the global safety critical operations in the energy, industrial, and maritime industries.

The newly established technical asset management consultancy, with headquarters at Neo Space in Aberdeen and a regional office in Dubai, has been formed to help organizations operate and maintain their technical assets safely, efficiently, and sustainably – a ‘critical friend’ service for asset operators, the company statement reads.

“We have set up Asset ONE with the primary goal of helping our customers maximize asset uptime and safeguard against major incidents. By harnessing extensive cross-industry knowledge, abundant resources, and intelligent asset management software our specialist team of experts are focused on driving operational excellence and minimizing downtime, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the competition,” Roy Milne, Managing Director of Asset ONE, says.

He further added that the company is entering the market with an agreement to provide asset management audit and optimization services to a globally recognized oil and gas operator and to provide maintenance and reliability instructors for an international training provider in the UK and Middle East.

“It’s fantastic to be able to launch and hit the ground running with these initial projects. We are grateful to these customers for putting faith in us as we begin our journey,” Milne says, adding, “having accumulated over 25 years of experience working in maintenance teams worldwide, I have personally gained valuable insights and achieved operational excellence by implementing smart asset management practices. Considering the dynamic nature of industry, I believe that asset operators and equipment manufacturers need a dependable partner who can offer consultative support and modern solutions to meet their evolving needs”.

According to Milne, the challenging investment environment during the recent global energy downturn has led to reduced maintenance spending and the departure of experienced personnel, resulting in a skills gap across the industry. “Limited financial resources and uncertain market conditions have forced organizations to cut back on maintenance budgets and reduced asset support, leading to strain on infrastructure and the very real potential for major incidents. Simultaneously, skilled individuals leaving the sector has created a shortage of expertise, posing challenges for maintaining operational effectiveness,” he said.

“Successful operators have a clear relationship between growth plans and asset management strategy which in turn delivers predictive maintenance, prevention of major incidents and profitability through uptime and good reputation. At Asset ONE, our core principles revolve around safety. We prioritize the well-being of individuals, safeguarding reputation, and protecting the environment. We integrate robust technical safety measures into all our asset management strategies and leverage the latest technologies to proactively prevent major incidents, enabling sustainable operations for our customers,” Milne says.

“Our team recognizes the complexities and challenges involved in managing and maintaining technical assets across various industries. To address these, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions. Our aim is to assist businesses in optimizing their asset management processes, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency in a logical and controlled manner,” he adds.

Asset ONE provides asset management health check and improvement services to enable lean operations which fit today’s business needs, according to a company statement. It works with operators and manufacturers to ensure assets are ready for operations through adequate asset management governance, fit-for-purpose maintenance systems, and suitable training and coaching of people.

Immediately after the launch, the company unveiled that it has registered as an Associate Member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) North Sea Chapter.

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